Approved Aircraft

Approved for landing at London City Airport.

BombardierChallenger 604 testA & A AVIATION LTD
CessnaCitationJet CJ1ABC Bedarfsflug GmbH
CessnaCitation 510 MustangABC Bedarfsflug GmbH
BombardierChallenger 604ABC Bedarfsflug GmbH
CessnaCitationJet CJ2ABC Bedarfsflug GmbH
CessnaCitation XLSAbelag Aviation NV
CessnaCitationJet CJ3Abelag Aviation NV
DassaultFalcon 8XAbelag Aviation NV
DassaultFalcon 2000EXAbelag Aviation NV
CessnaCitationJet CJ4Abelag Aviation NV
BombardierLearjet 45Abelag Aviation NV
BombardierChallenger 350Abelag Aviation NV
DassaultFalcon 7XAbelag Aviation NV
EmbraerERJ Legacy 600ABS Jets
EmbraerERJ Legacy 600ABS Jets
BombardierChallenger 605ABS Jets
DassaultFalcon 900EXAct Two, Inc
BombardierChallenger 350Aero-Dienst GmbH
BombardierLearjet 45Aero-Dienst GmbH
DassaultFalcon 7XAero-Dienst GmbH
CessnaCitationJet CJ2Aeroways GMBH
CessnaCitationJet CJ1Aeroways GMBH
CessnaCtiationJet C525Aeroways GMBH
CessnaCitation 680 SovereignAerowest
CessnaCitation LatitudeAerowest
CessnaCitation XLSAerowest
GulfstreamG650Aguassanta Negocios S.A.
BombardierGlobal 5000Air 7 LLC
Cessna560XL Citation ExcelAIR ADRIATIC d.o.o.
DassaultFalcon 7XAir Alsie A/S
DassaultFalcon 2000LXSAir Alsie A/S
DassaultFalcon 8XAir Alsie A/S
CessnaCitationJet CJ1Air Charter Scotland
EmbraerE550Air Hamburg
CessnaCitation 680 SovereignAir Service LIEGE
CessnaCitationJet CJ2Air Tasking Service Dortmund GmbH
PiaggioP180AirGO Private Airline GmbH
PilatusPILATUS PC-24Albinati Aeronautics SA
PilatusPilatus PC24Albinati Aeronautics SA
CessnaCitation LatitudeAlbinati Aviation LTD
DassaultFalcon 7XAlbinati Aviation LTD
GulfstreamG650Alcon Vision, LLC
DassaultFalcon 900EXALLIANZ SE
CessnaCITATION JET C25BApollo Capital GmbH
RaytheonKing Air 350ASL NV
EmbraerLegacy 450ASL NV
EmbraerERJ Legacy 500ASL NV
CessnaCitationJet CJ2ASL NV
CessnaCitation XLSASL NV
CessnaCitation 680 SovereignASL NV
CessnaCitation 510 MustangASL NV
BeechKing Air 350ASL NV
RaytheonKing Air 200 / B200ASL NV
CessnaCitation 510 MustangASTONJET
CessnaCitation 680 SovereignASTONJET
DassaultFalcon 7XASTONJET
EmbraerLegacy 450Atlas Air Service AG
DassaultFalcon 2000EXBASF SE
CessnaCitationJet CJ1Bayair GmbH & Co. KG
DassaultFalcon 2000LXSBertelsmann Aviation GmbH
DassaultFalcon 900EXBlue Ridge Air, Inc.
DassaultFalcon 2000EXCARTIER EUROPE B.V.
PilatusPILATUS PC-24Cat Aviation AG
PilatusPilatus PC24Cat Aviation AG
DassaultFalcon 8XCentreline AV Limited
CessnaCitation 680 SovereignCGR S.P.A
BeechKING AIR 300Cobham Flight Inspection Limited
GulfstreamG650Comcast Aviation Department
DassaultFalcon 7XConcierge U LTD
DassaultFalcon 8XDasnair S.A.
DassaultFalcon 8XDassault Aviation
DassaultFalcon 2000SDassault Aviation
DassaultFalcon 7XDassault Aviation
DassaultFalcon 8XDassault Falcon Jet Corp
DassaultFalcon 900BDassault Falcon Service
DassaultFalcon 8XDassault Falcon Service
Cessna560 encoreDC Aviation GmbH
CessnaCitation XLSDC Aviation GmbH
BombardierGlobal 6000Eagle Aircraft &Transportation Management, INC
BombardierGlobal Global 6000Eagle Aircraft &Transportation Management, INC
Embraer190Eastern Airways
GulfstreamGulfstream 280Éclair Aviation s.r.o
CessnaCitation XLSÉclair Aviation s.r.o
CessnaCitation 680 SovereignEFS European Flight Service AB
CessnaCitation XLSEisele Flugdienst GmbH
CessnaCitationJet CJ4Eisele Flugdienst GmbH
CessnaCitation 680 SovereignEisele Flugdienst GmbH
CessnaCitationJet CJ1Eisele Flugdienst GmbH
CessnaCitation XLSEJME (Portugal) Aircraft Management
CessnaCitation XLSELITE JET
EmbraerE550Embraer Executive Aircraft, Inc
CessnaCitationJet CJ2Euro Flight Aviation Services
CessnaCitationJet CJ4Euro Flight Aviation Services
CessnaCitationJet CJ3Euro Flight Aviation Services
DassaultFalcon 7XExecujet Europe AG
BombardierGlobal 5000Executive Jet Management
DassaultFalcon 900BEXXAERO B.V.
DassaultFalcon 7XEXXAERO B.V.
DassaultFalcon 900CEXXAERO B.V.
GulfstreamGulfstream 280Fidelity National Financial
GulfstreamG650FlexJet LLC
EmbraerE550Flexjet Operations LTD
EmbraerE550Flexjet Operations Malta Ltd
PilatusPilatus PC24FLYING GROUP Lux SA
DassaultFalcon 900EXFLYING GROUP Lux SA
BombardierGlobal 5000Flying Service NV
DassaultFalcon 7XFlying Service NV
BombardierGlobal Global 5000Flying Service NV
BombardierChallenger 650Flying Service NV
CessnaCitation 680 SovereignFlying Service NV
BombardierGlobal 7500Fortescue Metals Group Ltd
DassaultFalcon 8XFuture Jet Services PTE Ltd.
GulfstreamGulfstream 280Gama Aviation (Beauport) Limited
Cessna560 encoreGestair
CessnaCitation XLSGestair
CessnaCitation 680 SovereignGestair
PilatusPILATUS PC-24Global Jet Austria
PilatusPilatus PC24Global Jet Austria
BombardierGlobal 6000Global Jet Austria
DassaultFalcon 7XGlobal Jet IOM Ltd
GulfstreamG650Global Jet Luxembourg
DassaultFalcon 2000Global Jet Luxembourg
DassaultFalcon 900DXGlobal Jet Luxembourg
DassaultFalcon 2000LXGlobal Jet Luxembourg
DassaultFalcon 2000SGlobal Jet Luxembourg
DassaultFalcon 8XGlobal Jet Luxembourg
DassaultFalcon 7XGlobal Jet Luxembourg
BombardierGlobal 6000Global Jet Luxembourg
CessnaCitation 510 MustangGlobeAir AG
GulfstreamG650Gulf Aviation Company Limited
CessnaCitation LatitudeHahn Air Lines GmbH
CessnaCitationJet CJ3Hahn Air Lines GmbH
EmbraerE550HeidelbergCement AG
EmbraerE550HeidelbergCement AG
Cessna560XL Citation ExcelHummingbird Aviation Services
DassaultFalcon 7XInternational Jet Management
CessnaCitation 680 SovereignInternational Jet Management
BombardierGlobal 5000Inversiones ASPI S.A.
CessnaCitationJet CJ2iXAir
CessnaCitation 510 MustangiXAir
CessnaCitation 510 MustangiXAir
DassaultFalcon 7XJapat AG
DassaultFalcon 2000LXJet Aviation Business Jets Deutschland GmbH
DassaultFalcon 7XJet Aviation Flight Services
BombardierChallenger 605Jet Netherlands
EmbraerERJ Legacy 600Jet Netherlands
CessnaCitation XLSJet Pool Network Luftverkehrs GmbH
CessnaCitationJet CJ2Jet Story Sp. z.o.o.
EmbraerE550Jet Story Sp. z.o.o.
PilatusPILATUS PC-24Jetfly Aviation SA
PilatusPilatus PC24Jetfly Aviation SA
CessnaCitationJet CJ2JETKONTOR AG
CessnaCitationJet CJ2Jung Sky
BombardierChallenger 350Kompass GmbH & Co. KG
DassaultFalcon 7XLeadair-Unijet Sa
DassaultFalcon 900EXLeadair-Unijet Sa
DassaultFalcon 8XLEO AVIATION
DassaultFalcon 900LXLUXAVIATION E.A., S.A.
DassaultFalcon 900EXLUXAVIATION E.A., S.A.
CessnaCitation XLSLUXAVIATION E.A., S.A.
BombardierGlobal 6500LUXAVIATION E.A., S.A.
BombardierGlobal 6000LynxJet - Private Flights Ltd
BombardierGlobal Global 6000LynxJet - Private Flights Ltd
CessnaCitationJet CJ2MAHLE International GmbH
DassaultFalcon 2000LXSMichelin Air Services
DassaultFalcon 2000LXSMichelin Air Services
EmbraerERJ Legacy 500Middle East Airlines Air Liban
GulfstreamG650Motive Partners
BombardierGlobal 7500MP Air, Inc
CessnaCitation XLSNetJets Air Transport UK Limited
BombardierGlobal 5000NetJets Aviation INC
BombardierGlobal 6000NetJets Aviation INC
BombardierGlobal Global 5000NetJets Aviation INC
BombardierGlobal 7500NetJets Aviation INC
BombardierGlobal 6000NetJets Transportes Aéreos, S.A.
BombardierGlobal 5000NetJets Transportes Aéreos, S.A.
CessnaCitation 680 SovereignNetJets Transportes Aéreos, S.A.
BombardierChallenger 350NetJets Transportes Aéreos, S.A.
BombardierGlobal Global 6000NetJets Transportes Aéreos, S.A.
BombardierGlobal Global 6000NetJets Transportes Aéreos, S.A.
CessnaCitation XLSNetJets Transportes Aéreos, S.A.
CessnaCitation LatitudeNetJets Transportes Aéreos, S.A.
EmbraerE55PNetJets Transportes Aéreos, S.A.
BombardierChallenger 650NetJets Transportes Aéreos, S.A.
DassaultFalcon 7XPacelli Beteiligungs Gmbh
EmbraerE550PAD Aviation Service GmbH
EmbraerE55PPAD Aviation Service GmbH
BombardierGlobal 6000Pelican Aircraft Consulting
BombardierGlobal Global 6000Pelican Aircraft Consulting
GulfstreamG650Penske Media Corporation
RaytheonKing Air 350Phenix Aviation
CessnaCitation LatitudePREMIUM JET
CessnaCitationJet CJ1Prince Aviation
CessnaCitation XLSPrince Aviation
Cessna560 encorePRINCE AVIATION
DassaultFalcon 2000LXSRely AS
DassaultFalcon 900EXSalzburg Jet Aviation GmbH
BombardierLearjet 45SaxonAir Charter Ltd
PilatusPILATUS PC-24Schutz GmbH & Co. kGaA
CessnaCitationJet CJ4Schutz GmbH & Co. kGaA
CessnaCitationJet CJ4Schutz GmbH & Co. kGaA
PilatusPilatus PC24Schutz GmbH & Co. kGaA
GulfstreamGulfstream 280Servizi
DassaultFalcon 8XSETAIR
Cessna560XL Citation ExcelSilesia Air
DassaultFalcon 7XSirio Spa
DassaultFalcon 7XSKYFIRST LTD
BombardierGlobal 6000Skyservice Business Aviation
BombardierGlobal Global 6000Skyservice Business Aviation
CessnaCitation 680 SovereignSmartwings
DassaultFalcon 7XSolairus Aviation
DassaultFalcon 7XSPARFELL Luftfahrt GmbH
BombardierChallenger 350SPARFELL MALTA Limited
PilatusPILATUS PC-24Star Wings Dortmund Luftfahrtgesellschaft mbH
GulfstreamGulfstream 280Stone X Group
EmbraerE55PSwiss Private Jet SA
EmbraerE55PSwiss Private Jet SA
CessnaCitationJet CJ2Sylt Air GmbH
EmbraerERJ Legacy 600THALAIR
BeechKingairTIME AIR
BeechKing Air 350UAS International Trip Support
CessnaCitationJet CJ3VALLJET
EmbraerERJ Legacy 600VALLJET
CessnaCitationJet CJ2VALLJET
EmbraerE550VistaJet GmbH
CessnaCitation XLSVistaJet GmbH
CessnaCitationJet CJ3VistaJet GmbH
DassaultFalcon 7XVistaJet GmbH
Hawker SiddeleyHawker 800XPVOLARE AVIATION
DassaultFalcon 7XVolkswagen AirService GmbH
PilatusPILATUS PC-24Volkswagen AirService GmbH
DassaultFalcon 8XVolkswagen AirService GmbH
PilatusPilatus PC24Volkswagen AirService GmbH
CessnaCitation XLSWindrose Air Jet Charter GmbH
CessnaCitationJet CJ1Wirtgen Invest holding GmbH

To notify us of any modifications or new additions to your authorised aircraft, kindly send an email to